“Self Titled” (Ozonokids, 2006) Arnau Sala + Adrián de Alfonso


This album was recorded during a live set in Radio Contrabanda, at the Radio Show “25 Hombres” in july 2009. It was recorded by Roger (1 Hombre) but it was selected and edited by Arnau Sala and put together as a C10.

Only 19 copies were made and the artwork for each tape and jacket was handmade and different. Released on Ozonokids, they didn’t last too long so not many people knows about it.

This recording has been transfered directly from the cassette tape and unmastered or processed after that. Each side was kept as a whole track in order to capture the ambience you’d have while listening to the tape itself.

If you purchase any of these tracks, the money will go to both me and Arnau.

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